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"Vision of New Jerusalem: Now!" - FOREWORD - Trish Hart

The realization that a man could withhold the release of such an amazing book for thirty-years tells me that God is not only the orchestrator of this vision but has also bridled Marty’s desire and passion to release a book outside of HIS perfect timing.

Marty Angelo has laid out such a comprehensive road map throughout the Old and New Testament’s about the Second Coming of Jesus Christ that you will find yourself squirming in your seat as the Holy Spirit lovingly but thoroughly reveals to you, what only He can.

I was asked by Marty to be a second-set-of-eyes before he sent his manuscript to the publisher and what I discovered through the pages of, “Vision of New Jerusalem: Now!” is so provocative and compelling that I almost forgot to look for typos.

It becomes very evident that Marty has been a dedicated student of the Bible and has done an impressive amount of research from the time he first became a Christian and has faithfully continued his studies throughout his entire lifetime. It’s also evident that he cannot and will not be taught by anyone other than God Himself; what the truth actually is. We can all learn from this!

Marty’s vision is definitely “out of the box thinking” but it is not outside of the scriptures. I have come away from this, challenged to begin my own quest for the truth! Could it be that if we stay focused on Jesus coming again soon that we may not strive to get to the next level of holiness which brings along with it more Holy Ghost power? Plus, it may not seem as important for us to encourage and help nourish the spiritual gifts that are given to our children and grandchildren; by our God of precious love and amazing miracles; if we just sit back and wait to be, “Snatched out-of-here” soon.

If reading Marty’s, “Vision of New Jerusalem: Now!” causes a shift in your end-time beliefs, it won’t actually change you very much—the biggest changes could be the tearing down of denominational walls and the Body of Christ spending more time and resources on the here and now—there’s still so much to do! If it doesn’t change your opinion on the end-times, at least you’ve given yourself the chance that you deserve to get alone with God in prayer and see how He responds. (I feel that Jesus deserves that from us too.)

I can guarantee that once you begin reading this book you won’t be able to put it down for long—it will keep calling you back. The Holy Spirit will whisper to your heart and draw you in until it is finished!

Marty’s vision may not leave you as awestruck as the vision that has been painted by modern-day preachers, movie makers and end-time book authors but it just makes more sense and will leave you feeling much more complete in Christ and besides, we need to be awestruck by what Jesus has already done and continues to do in our lives; yesterday, today and every day until we draw our last breath and join Him in Heaven for eternity.

Thank you Marty Angelo, for having the courage to proclaim what’s unpopular and go against the majority because you know how important it is to God, future generations and those who are still lost, and Thank you Jesus Christ for your unfailing love and mercy that endures forever!

Trish Hart, author of “You Are Never Alone”



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