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1.) Marty mentioned his book and manuscript to me some years ago. It was a work that he started but never brought to fruition. I recall encouraging Marty not to give up, but to begin the work anew in earnest. I am very happy to see that book is now in print. The message of Marty’s book is like the message of Marty’s life: God is a God of second chances, new beginnings and endless possibilities. His love for mankind is expressed in Jesus Christ. The message of the gospel is that Christ died for all; salvation is freely available to all; God wants all to be saved and come to a knowledge of the truth. That message rings out loud and clear in Marty’s book. Jesus began his ministry proclaiming “The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of heaven is at hand: repent ye and believe the gospel” (Mk. 1:14-15). The kingdom of heaven is Christ’s dominion over earth as he reigns from the right hand of the throne of God in heaven. The New Jerusalem is the heavenly city as represented by its citizens – the Church! According to the gospel, people of every race and language are invited to obtain citizenship in this city by obeying God’s instructions and believing in His Son, Jesus. As citizens, we are also adoptive sons of God and heirs of eternal life. The kingdom is here; it is now. Biblical eschatology is fulfilled. I hope Marty’s “Vision of New Jerusalem: Now!” will help open your eyes to the great treasure that is ours here and now, and that is laid-up in store for us hereafter in heaven above. - Kurt Simmons – author of "Adumbrations: The Kingdom & Coming of Christ in the Book of Daniel"


2.) “Vision of New Jerusalem: Now!” combines Marty Angelo’s incredible testimony with an articulation of a teaching, that is committed to the growth of the kingdom of God “into the ages of the ages.” Both are very encouraging, and each bears witness to a God who is forever faithful. - Parker Voll, M.T.S.


3.) What a trip, what a change of address—from prison to the New Jerusalem! Marty Angelo takes us with him on a very personal journey of searching and discovery with plenty of scriptural signposts guiding the way. Reading this book will be time well spent without having to spend the time that Marty did. - John R. Noē, Ph.D. (in Theology) – author of “The Perfect Ending for the World” and others


4.) Just like with any book that a person reads, there are things that you may disagree with in, “Vision of New Jerusalem: Now!” But, frankly, why would anyone waste time reading a book that doesn’t challenge his or her thinking? What I love about Angelo’s approach is that he overwhelms you with Scripture alongside of what he’s proposing. You will have the opportunity to fine-tune your beliefs as you look at Scripture afresh while considering the insights of a man who has clearly poured out his heart before you and poured his heart into Scripture. Prepare yourself to be emotionally affected by the Word of God as you read this book. - Alan Bondar, Pastor LIFT Church (Ft. Meyers Florida) and author of "Reading the Bible Through New Covenant Eyes"


5.) Marty has captured concepts of divine revelation and has presented precious truths in the context of his personal life journey. As you partake of Marty’s story, the words of this writing will entertain and encourage you emotionally, as well as educate and edify you mentally and spiritually in the truth of God’s word. - Daniel Butler, Pastor International Pentecostal Church (Bellflower CA)


6.) It’s not often one finds a good book on eschatology! But even when a book has good eschatology, usually that book will be overly cerebral in its presentation. Angelo breaks this trend as he carefully weaves practical theology with eschatology, and he does this with a refreshing sense of vulnerability. - Ward Fenley, President, New Creation Ministries International and author of “God With Us”


7.) I recently met Marty over the summer of 2011, and it was a treat, to say the least. As one involved in helping people overcome addictions, I was enthused to hear of Marty’s exploits and successes in that area because it’s an area that is way too often ignored by the Church. Addiction is a tangled complexity of sin upon the human soul that only the power of Jesus Christ can smash thoroughly. Marty doesn’t just talk about his testimony in this area; he moves on to consider radical alternatives to traditional answers that most give on the subject of Eschatology. While I am an orthodox, reformed, Anglican, I am pleased that Marty reveals what is going on amongst many, everyday Christians who may not be exposed to the academy and seminary levels of thought. “Vision of New Jerusalem: Now!” is a penetrating insight into how many Christians are doing exegesis and theology today, which is something that scholars, pastors and church leaders should be concerned with. Our leaders should either encourage such pursuits, or sharpen and correct them. Most of all, I do perceive a heart of gold in Marty, who has given his life to the pursuit of demonstrating God's Kingdom in terms of healing and restoration of the whole person, while contributing to the building of such enterprises that seek to bring the power of the Gospel to the suffering man or woman. I don't think anyone will walk away from this book without gaining something very special. - Samuel M. Frost, Th.M. - President, Reign of Christ Ministries and author of "Misplaced Hope" and others


8.) Marty Angelo’s “Vision of New Jerusalem: Now!” takes us to a wonderful place. The old Jerusalem, with all of its condemnation, tears and sorrow is gone and the new age of the Messiah: His grace, His forgiveness and His new city are all here NOW; providing us a pleasant place to live where we can enjoy our Jesus NOW! The Good News is that—the bad news is over! “Vision of New Jerusalem: Now!” is filled with answers to all of those, “So, what about this or what about that?” questions. I highly recommend it! - Glenn L. Hill, retired pastor and author of "Christianity's Great Dilemma: Is Jesus Coming Again or Is He Not?"


9.) Marty Angelo believes that the kingdom of God is here now and I agree! In an engaging style, Marty invites the reader to relive the journey that led him to this conclusion. While Marty provides ample theological support for his conclusions, it isn’t dry theology. More importantly, Marty moves beyond theology to practical application as he discusses what ‘kingdom now’ means for our Christian walk today. - Brian L. Martin, General Editor, Fulfilled! Magazine and author of “Behind the Veil of Moses”


10.) Marty lends an important spirit-filled voice to the growing movement of believers who love the message of fulfilled prophecy and present kingdom realities, through Jesus Christ. Marty sought God for wisdom on this topic and it shows. As a seasoned preterist I was delighted to find several new and refreshing insights in his book. I’ll be referring back to it for years to come. I’m grateful Marty wove in his testimony of holistic transformation in body, mind and spirit too. His book leaves me singing praises to the powerful king, Jesus, who did what he said he would do, when he said he would do it! - Riley O’Brien Powell, M.Div.


11.) My good friend Marty Angelo and I have our theological differences, but a lot of common ground as well. Marty’s new book has so much to commend it! Marty’s personal testimony alone is very touching and powerful. This book not only effectively proves a first century coming of the Lord, it does so much more! It shows what it means for us today. One of the things that I especially like is the emphasis on the glory, beauty, majesty and importance of the Lord’s church. In a world in which we are told repeatedly that the church is “Plan B”… Marty rightfully and effectively demonstrates that the church is the glory of Christ. He also shows that as members of that body, us believers need to live our lives in holiness, humble service and obedience. Christ in us should change everything about us! I am glad to recommend “Vision of New Jerusalem: Now!” - Don K. Preston, D. Div. and author of numerous books.


12.) Marty Angelo is passionate. He is passionate about everything he does, but especially in his desire to have all people know the love of God in Christ, especially prisoners and people struggling with drug and alcohol addiction, and he is passionate to grow in knowledge of God’s word. It is due to this later pursuit, the passion to grow in Christ, that led Marty to study issues related to the end-times, leading to this very personal view of his discoveries. This book is for those with a similar pursuit, who are passionate for truth, and who can hear the heartbeat of the evangelist in Marty’s writings... for eschatology and evangelism are clearly linked, and Marty links them here with true passion. I encourage the reader to have an open heart and mind as they read this passionate work from Marty. - Stan DeKoven D. Div., President Vision International University

13.) What a great gift God has given us in my friend and brother, Marty Angelo. He is part of a people that God is raising up, that will speak HIS truth without compromise. We live in a time when God is looking for a voice; someone who is courageous enough to say exactly what HE wants said and HE found that courage in, Marty Angelo. Marty is a man who will not add or subtract from God’s word, he is someone who will not be moved by people’s faces or opinions; nor will he become fainthearted or disarrayed by what is happening in the land or the world around him. Marty has approached the throne of grace with such boldness that it has opened the door for God’s Spirit to flow freely through him, without inhibition. A new day is dawning and Marty Angelo understands the times and the manifold wisdom of God. He teaches us that it’s not impossible to live our lives according to the gospel; exactly how Jesus says we can— without deliberate sin! I challenge you to allow the wind of God’s Spirit to awaken you and take you to the next level as you read this book, because it is definitely written to awaken the church out of the slumber it has been in for so many years. “Vision of New Jerusalem: Now!” brings us face-to-face with areas that the Bride of Christ has set aside for so long and it beckons us to make a choice. Truly the SON is getting brighter and brighter. Thank you, Marty for writing such an amazing book at such a perfect time. - Luis López, Pastor Ministerios Unidos Por Fe (Miami Florida)


14.) What amazing insight and revelation in this book! This is a must read for all Christians! Marty Angelo engages the reader and gives insight to many of the questions modern day Christians are asking. - Stephanie Medeiros, President - Empower The Anointed


15.) Marty Angelo and I have been broadcasting together for close to fifteen months now. In the short time that I’ve known Marty, I have come to appreciate just how much passion he has for making the presence of God’s Kingdom something that breaks forth even in the darkest recesses of the American prison system. If there’s anyone in this world that is taking the light of Jesus’ good news to the uttermost parts of the earth, it’s Marty Angelo. He’s simply a humble servant who is willing to be used for whatever purpose God sees fit. What you will find within the pages of this book is one man’s account of how he came to a working knowledge of God’s Kingdom being a present reality in his life... Even from the confines of a jail cell. This book is a look at the nuts-and-bolts work behind the scenes that made it possible for him to publish his first book, “Once Life Matters: A New Beginning.” My hope is that you will enjoy getting to know Marty through the pages of this book as much as I’ve enjoyed getting to know him myself. - Michael J Loomis, Community Organizer & Founder of AD70.NET


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