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I always sensed I was missing my true calling in life prior to becoming a Christian. Nothing ever seemed to go my way for so many years. I never realized my life would be in such turmoil for so long. 

It wasn't until I reached rock-bottom in 1981 when God miraculously touched and began transforming my life into the person I always hoped and dreamed I could be.

Leaving nothing to my imagination I set out in my mid-30s with my electrifying Christian conversion experience to find the truth for my life by trusting God (who I knew was now living in me) and a never-ending search of His scriptures. 

My prayer has always been asking God to reveal Himself to me and to help get me on the right road to find real peace, happiness and love. 

God has continuously nudged me forward with inspirational insights towards His true plan and purpose for my life. I am so thankful He was and is still in me... all the time!

I've found that it is very easy to hold onto our old comforting yet confusing doctrinal views and beliefs. Our patterns of thinking and believing have been instilled in us for many years and it's not always easy to change them. However, I've learned that it takes plenty of inspiration, insights, time and focus.

The purpose of my book (a compilation of 14 articles) is to share with you the tremendous inspirational insights that I have applied to my life over the past 30+ years. My hope and prayer is that they may inspire insights within you.


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