When it comes to design, the capabilities of modern concrete provide your commercial property far more than a dull grey slab. While functional, monotone grey slab hasn’t provided businesses the capability of showcasing their creativity through tailored concrete design.  

However, improving the aesthetic appeal of any commercial property nowadays is more than possible with the help of decorative concrete.  

If you’re still hesitant to hire a concrete contractor to add decorative concrete for your business, here are a couple of benefits you should know that will change your mind.  

Budget-Friendly Design Improvements 

Decorative concrete coatings provide a cheap and cost-effective solution if you want to optimize the aesthetic appeal of your business. Despite their substantial advantages, stamped and colored concrete is extremely affordable to maintain and install. Its lasting appeal and extreme durability make decorative concrete a wise design option for any business and establishment.  

Little-to-No Maintenance 

Decorative concrete does not need a lot of care and maintenance when it comes to upkeep. While it provides far more in terms of style, keeping its long-term visual appeal does not require special tools and equipment. You can easily take care of the collection of debris and spills with simple water and soap combination. Furthermore, you do not have to polish or apply coating regularly to maintain its look. Your decorative concrete will last for a lot of years if you are diligent about applying sealant every several years.  

Lifespan and Strength 

Aside from its aesthetic appeal, colored and stamped concrete also feature a long lifespan and excellent durability. Aside from helping to enhance the look of a commercial property, decorative concrete coatings also help protect surfaces from destructive elements. This includes damage from heavy loads, mold, environmental impacts, and much more. Just like a dull grey concrete slab, decorative concrete can preserve its functionality and visual appearance for a lot of years. This is particularly true if you know how to maintain it properly.  

Flexibility in Property Style 

Nowadays, a commercial concrete company has the ability to generate almost any texture or color you can imagine. This is because of the ongoing evolution in concrete application and mixing. You can apply these features to new or existing concrete. It provides an effective, yet simple approach to enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your business.  

Keep in mind that you can apply decorative coatings through a variety of techniques. This will depend on the ability of the concrete contractor. However, the most common techniques are: 

  • Natural stone and brick finishes 
  • Broom finishes 
  • Trowel finishes and textured float 
  • Splatter texture 
  • Stamp overlays 


When it comes to flooring materials, concrete is the most eco-friendly option. Almost every property will already have a concrete subfloor. Instead of installing more materials over the subfloor, you can simply choose to treat the concrete floor by decorating it with decorative concrete. This makes for an appealing yet cozy surface for your property. If you choose carpet flooring, you’ll probably end up using it in a short period and then throw it into a landfill.