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Don those polyester leisure suits and mile-high platform shoes and relive the days when disco was king with PBS's television concert special Get Down Tonight: The Disco Explosion Live

Recorded on August 17, 2004, at the Convention Hall in Asbury Park, New Jersey celebrating the disco era with original artists singing their biggest hits in front of an enthusiastic audience. Performers include KC And the Sunshine Band, Norma Jean Wright & Luci Marin, Wild Cherry, The Trammps, Leo Sayer, Heatwave, A Taste Of Honey, Frankie Valli, Yvonne Elliman, The Huges Corporation, Irene Cara, Tavares, Peaches & Herb, and Martha Wash of the Weather Girls. Also included is a Gibb Brothers tribute and class clip.



The once-in-a-lifetime event presents a fun mix of classic clips and live performances from some of the era's biggest stars. 

Hosted by disco stalwarts KC and the Sunshine Band (who also perform).  The evening's highlights include the first-ever reunions of Peaches & Herb, Wild Cherry, and A Taste of Honey, as well as a rare appearance by Leo Sayer.




KC and his co-hosts Barry Williams, Denny Terrio, and Karen Lynn Gorney also introduce classic clips from Donna Summer and the Bee Gees, and pay special tribute to the film that defined the disco generation, Saturday Night Fever.

Executive Producers:  Harry WayneCasey and Bill Sammeth

Associate Producer:  Marty Angelo - "Disco Step-by-Step"




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