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When Disco Ruled the World







Marty Angelo (Disco Step-by-Step® TV Show), Henry Stone (founder - TK Records) and Steve Marcus (Disco 77/Disco Magic TV) at VH1 taping.


Disco Step-by-Step® - VH1 - "When Disco Ruled the World" - Marty Angelo

Clips of the disco tv show Disco Step-by-Step® were used throughout the production of VH1's "When Disco Ruled the World." For more info see:

Disco Step-by-Step® creator, writer and producer Marty Angelo was interviewed in this production and was also an associate producer.

Angelo worked in the entertainment business from 1965-1980. He became a Christian in 1981 after he was arrested for possession of cocaine. He served 2 1/2 years in prison and was released in 1984. Since then Marty Angelo has been a Christian minister, working mainly in prisons and drug rehabs for over 30 years and the author of the books, "Once Life Matters: A New Beginning" (ISBN: 0961895446) and "Vision of New Jerusalem: Now!" (ISBN: 0615562434) - both books are available through



First aired on VH1 in 2004


1972. The counterculture is in full retreat from the free love/hippie era with Nixon’s reelection and the lingering Vietnam war. High taxes, gas prices and inflation cast a pall over the nation. But in the underground of New York City, DJs have begun spinning the tunes that will unite and ignite an entire generation.


VH1’s oral history of disco will reveal how disco music, fashion and culture evolved from the underground to the mainstream. From places like DJ David Mancuso’s Loft, the party music spread to the nation’s nightclubs. Disco record labels sprung up and made instant superstars of people like Chic and Donna Summer, whose 17-minute “Love to Love You Baby” became a disco staple. TV shows such as Disco Magic and the hugely popular Dance Fever dominated the airwaves. New dance crazes filled up Fred Astaire studios through the country as people learned The Hustle or “Le Freak.” Gay liberation entered a new, more mainstream phase through acceptance of such acts as the Village People.

Disco peaked in 1977 with the release of Saturday Night Fever which launched the career of John Travolta and caused three Bee Gee songs to reach the top ten on the charts, a feat not seen since the Beatles. The movie spawned more than 18 other disco themed flicks while the soundtrack encouraged other artists, such as Kiss, Rolling Stones, and even Barbra Streisand, to record disco tunes. During that year, Studio 54 opened and topped the hot list for fans and celebrities alike. But soon enough, the fun-loving lifestyle that sought to unify gender, race, sexuality and class took a hard turn. Drugs and an over-saturation of the disco market started to unravel the trend and foreshadowed the beginning of the end. 

By the late 1970s, a counter-reaction to disco was started by those who felt the country had lost its better judgment. Famously, fans at a Chicago baseball game put on a “disco demolition” rally, setting fire to some 10,000 records. “Disco Sucks” became an epithet. And in 1978, Studio 54 co-owner Ian Schrager was arrested for possession of cocaine putting a damper on the club scene. By 1980, disco had become a dirty word. Former stars found themselves without record labels, fortunes were lost and the nation had an oversupply of white leisure suits. 

When Disco Ruled The World will revisit that unique era and recapture the spirit of those boogie days: the how, why and who that made disco tick and take over. This is an hour devoted entirely to the subject with no narration. Just the voices of the interviewees – the DJs, label heads, TV producers, movie stars and top musical acts of the time – woven together to tell the real stories. Shot intimately and stylishly, When Disco Ruled The World captures the period and the people that made disco the supreme cultural event it was.

Interviews include:




KAREN LYNN GORNEY - Actress, Saturday Night Fever

HARRY WAYNE CASEY - KC and the Sunshine Band

DENEY TERRIO - Host, Dance Fever


JOE CAUSI - Radio Deejay

MAURICE WHITE - Earth, Wind and Fire

HENRY STONE - Founder, TK Records

STEVE MARCUS - Producer, Disco Magic


KC - KC and the Sunshine Band

BAIRD JONES - Studio 54 Doorman

MARTY ANGELO - Producer, Disco Step by Step

GIORGIO MORODER - Record Producer

ANITA POINTER - Singer, Pointer Sisters

MICHAEL MUSTO - Journalist



NICKY SIANO - Club Deejay


TOM MOULTON - Record Producer/Mixer

CARMEN D’ALESSIO - Co-founder, Studio 54

MICHAEL FESCO - Club Owner, Flamingo

MAURICE BRAHMS - Club Owner, Infinity

DAVID MANCUSO - Club Owner, The Loft

ANNIE SPRINKLE, PHD - Adult Entertainer

RICHARD NOTAR - Steve Rubell’s Driver




"Once Life Matters: A New Beginning"


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