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The Greatest Disco Djs in the World

The  official and original Disco Dj Hall of Fame™ was created by Marty Angelo in 2000.  It was donated to the United States Library of Congress in 2005.

It all started with the disco beat and mix. The innovated djs who are members of this hall of fame deserve all the credit for what happened...  and continues to happen in the dance music field. 

Thank you for leading the way into this exciting musical art form.



* Official Members * Honorary Members * Resources * Disco Gold *



Please note that various categories allowed for non-working djs who contributed to the disco dj record movement in many other ways such as record producers, promoters, distributors, etc.  They all helped the Djs in one way or another and deserve to be recognized.



A special thanks to Disco Dj Hall of Fame member Dj Jan Yahu Pawul (yahudeejay) for helping to keep disco alive. Please buy his outstanding and very informative book: Silent Records: disco history - (disco, DJ, disco, deejay)





Marty Angelo (Disco Step-by-Step® producer and Disco Dj Hall of Fame founder) and David Mancuso (founder - New York Disco DJ Record Pool) at Disco: A Decade of Saturday Nights Exhibition at the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts at Lincoln Center NYC 1/31/05. photo (c) Tina Paul 2005 All Rights Reserved.



Marty Angelo and "the late Eddie Rivera" (founder -International Disco DJ Record Centre) - 1977



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