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The Greatest Disco Djs in the World 

The  official and original Disco Dj Hall of Fame™ was created by Marty Angelo in 2002.  It was donated to the United States Library of Congress 06/17/2005 as part of the Disco Step-by-Step(r) TV show's website. See original list below.

It all started with the disco beat and mix. The innovated djs who are members of this hall of fame deserve all the credit for what happened...  and continues to happen in the dance music field. 

Thank you for leading the way into this exciting musical art form.



* Official Members * Honorary Members * Disco Gold *



Please note that the Honorary Members category allowed for non-working Djs who contributed to the Disco Dj record movement in many other ways such as record producers, promoters, distributors, etc.  They all helped the Djs in one way or another and deserve to be recognized.

The Disco Dj names listed on the back of both Disco Gold Lps are considered Official Members. 

These lists certainly do not include everyone who is due recognition. It was always considered a "work in progress".


Official and Honorary Members List
including copies of the back cover of Scepter Records Disco Acknowledgement LPs 


     IMG_8009.jpg (577816 bytes)     disco-gold-compilation-vinyl-record-lp1 (1).jpeg (242272 bytes)

Official Members

A.J. Miller
Alan Dodd
Al Magliano
Aldo Marin
Al Kent
Al Owen
Alex Rosner
Andrew Deininger
Andy Panessa
Andy Peebles
Angelo Solar
Anita Sarko
Armando Galvez
Arnie Smith
Arnie Ward
Arthur Baker
Artie Jacobs

Bacho Mangual
Barry Lederer
Bert Lockett
Bill Halquist
Bill Kelley
Bill Kennedy
Bill Owens
Billy Carroll
Billy O
Billy Stinger
Billy Stoke
Bo Crane
Bob Baker
Bob Casey
Bob Jones
Bob Pantano
'Bobby DJ' Guttadaro
Bobby Eckenwiler
Bobby G
Bobby Gordon
Bobby Lombardi
Bobby Morales
Bobby Viteritti
Bruce Forest
Buc Atlanta
Butch King

'Capt. Mike' Wilkinson
Carmine Jannaco
Carlos No Show Nodal
Charlie Bailey
Charlie 'Captain Disco' Anzalone
Charlie 'CC' Cimino
Chris Brown
Chris Hill
Chuck Davis
Chuck Favata
Ciro Llerena
Clem Dalton
Colin Curtis
Colin Hudd
Craig Walker

Dale Malone
Danae Jacovidis
Dan Goss
Danny Glass
Danny Krivit
Danny Puccarelli
Danny Rodriguez
Danny Tenaglia
Dave Lach
David Depino
David Mancuso
David Morales
David Pelligrino
David Rodriguez
David Todd
Delmar Browne
DJ Dimitrius
DJ Hans
DJ Johnny V Vicino
DJ Spooky
Dominick Lauriano
Don J. Scaturo
Don Welch
Doug MacDuff
Doug Shannon
Douglas Riddick

Eddie B.
Eddie Cheeba
Eddie Cruz
Eddie Rivera
Edward 'Eddieo' Onessimo
Eric Matthew

Fernando Spike Oquenda
Francis Grasso
Francois K. Kevorkian
Frank Corr
Frank Goodman
Frank Houlihan
Frank Lembo
Frank Loverde
Frank Sestito
Frank Strivelli
Frankie Crocker
Frankie Knuckles
Freddie Soto

Gary Deane
Gary Larkin
Gene Sotorius
George Burke
George Power
'Giant Gene' Arnold
Gil Rodriquez
Glenn Rivera
Graham Canter
Graham Gold
Grandmaster Flash
Greg Edwards
Greg Gregory
Greg James
Greg Wilson
Guy Stevens

Harry Hart
Hector LeBaron
Henry Knowles
Hippie Torrales
Howard Merritt
Howard Metz
Hubert Charles

Ian Dewhirst
Ian Levine
Ian Sammy Samwell

Jack Witherby
Jack Wolfman Furtney
Jackie McCloy
James Alexander
James Hamilton
James Rice
Jan 'Yahu' Pawul
Jeff Dexter
Jeff Yahney
Jeff Young
Jeffrey Zion Forman
Jenny Costa
Jerry Lembo
Jerry Miller
Jesse Saunders
Jim Burgess
Jimmie Fournier
Jimmy Savile
Jimmy Simpson
Jimmy Steward
Jimmy Stuard
Jimmy Yu
Jody Rubin
Joe Causi
Joe Claussel
Joe Giannini
Joe Jazz
Joe O'Brien
Joe Toto
Joey Batts
Joey Bonfiglio
Joey Carvello
Joey Llanos
Joey Madonia
Joey Negro (Dave Lee)
Joey Palminteri
John Addison
John Ceglia
John Ford
John Grant
John Hedges
John 'Jellybean' Benitez
John Morales
John T. C. Luongo
John Schlicht
John Robinson
Johnny 'Ace' Weinclaw
Johnny D De Mairo
Johnny George
Johnny Mac Dowell
Jon Berge
Jonathan Fearing
Jose Bonilla
Jose Rodiquez
Joseph Madonia
Junior Vasquez

Keith Perla
Ken Baker
Ken Collier
Ken 'Jack the Cat' Elliott
Ken Smith
Ken Carpenter
Kenny Everett
Kenny Yorke
Kevin Burke
Kool Herc
Kurt Borusiewicz

Larry Levan
Larry Patterson
Larry Saunders
Leroy Washington
Les Cokell
Les Spaine
Lizz Kritzer
Lou DiVito
Louie Lou Gorbea
Louie Vega
Louis Padeira
Luis Ramero

Manny Slali
Marilyn Rodgers
Mark Kamins
Mark Riley
Marty Angelo
Marty Blecman
Marty Dow
Michael Berry
Michael Cappello
Michael Fierman
Michael Frivoletti
Michael Graber
Michael Lewis
Michael Setlock
Michael Tobin
Michael Triner
Mike Arato
Mike Dailor
Mike Gormley
Mike Keeley
Mike Quinn
Mike Shaft
Mikey D'Merola
Mort Christensen

Nelson Paradise Roman
Nino Torre
Norman Scott

Otis James

Paco Navarro
Paul Casella
Paul Dougan
Paul Drake
Paul Foxe
Paul Poulos
Pete Jones
Peter Calandra
Peter D'Agastino
Peter Duchin
Peter Frost
Peter Reyes
Phil Silverman
Phil Waterman
Phil E. Dickerson
Preston Powell

Ralphie Dee
Raul Soto
Raven Fox
Ray Ford
Ray Pinky Velazquez
Ray Yates
Rene Hewitt
Richard Vasquez
Richie Kaczor
Richie Rivera
Rick Gianatos
Rick Richardson
Ricky Ybarra
RJ Ron Josephs
Robbie Leslie
Robbie Tee
Robbie Vincent
Robert 'Lippy' Lippolis
Robert Ouimet
Rocky Jones
Rocky Lavorata
Roger Eagle
Roger Sanchez
Ron Robin
Ronald 'Nicky' Nicholson
Ronnie Matthews
Roy Thode
Russell Presto
Rusty Gardner

Scott Blackwell
Scott Talarico
Sean French
Sergio Munzabai
Sharron White
Shaun Buchanan
Shep Pettibone
Simon Mark
Sonny Mark Tabashnick
Slim Hyatt
Sony Joe White
Stan 'The Man' Stephanou
Steve Fabus
Steve D. Ward
Steve D'Acquisto
Steve Santoro
Steve Thompson
Steve Wey
Steven Mack
Steven Smith
Stewart Barkel
Susan Morabito
Sven Bernitt

Tad Bonvie
Ted Currier
Tee Scott
Terry Lennaine
Terry Noel
Terry Sherman
Timmy Regisford
Timothy Nowka
Tom Holland
Tom Johnson
Tom Lewis
Tom Moulton
Tom Savarese
Tony Carrasco
Tony Cintorino
Tony Gioe
Tony Humphries
Tony Magoo
Tony Smith
Tony Spencer
Tony Valor
Tony Vaughn
Troy Parrish
Tyrone Robinson

Valerie Luzi Sestito
Vince Micheals
Vincent Carleo
Vincent Degiorgio
Vinnie Peruzzi
Viviano Almonte

Wally MacDonald
Walter Gibbons
Wanda Ramos
Warren Gluck
Wayne Geftman
Wayne Scott
William 'Billy' Lambo

Zino Amato

Honorary Members

Al Jarvis
Al Midnight Gambler Benson
Alan 'Moondog' Freed
Albert Goldman
Annie Nightingale

Bernard F. Lopez
Billy Smith Amato
Bob 'Wolfman Jack' Smith
Bobby Shaw

Carol Chapman
Celia Pimentel
Charles 'Doc' Herrold
Chris Evan
Christopher Stone
Chubby Checker

Denise Chapman
Dick Clark
Dom Phillips
Don Bell
Don Cornelius
Douglas 'Jocko' Henderson
Downstairs Records
Dr. Elman B. Meyers

Eddie O'Jay

Frank Strizelli

Gary Byrd
Gene Nobles
George 'Hound Dog' Lorenz

Henry Stone
Hoss Allen
Hunter Hancock

John Peel
John Richbourg
Jose Rodriguez
Judy Weinstein

Kenny Friedman

Lavada Durst
Lee DeForest

Mark Paul Simon
Martin Block
Marilyn Green Fisher
Marv Schlachter
Maurice 'Hot Rod' Hulbert
May Hampton James
Mel Cheren
Michael O'Harro
Michele Hart
Moe Preskell
Monti Rock III
Morris Levy
'Murray the K' Kaufman

Neil Bogart

Penelope Penny Grill
Pete Castagne
Pete Murray

Radcliffe Joe
Ray Caviano
Reginal A. Fessenden
Richard Long

Scott Dockswell
Sybil True

Tom Silverman
Tony Valor

Vernon Winslow
Vince Aletti

William B. William

Zenas Daddy Sears
Zoe Ball



A special thanks to Disco Dj Hall of Fame member Dj Jan Yahu Pawul (yahudeejay) for helping to keep disco alive. Please buy his outstanding and very informative book: Silent Records: disco history - (disco, DJ, disco, deejay)





Marty Angelo (Disco Step-by-Step® producer and Disco Dj Hall of Fame founder) and David Mancuso (founder - New York Disco DJ Record Pool) at Disco: A Decade of Saturday Nights Exhibition at the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts at Lincoln Center NYC 1/31/05. photo (c) Tina Paul 2005 All Rights Reserved.



Marty Angelo and "the late Eddie Rivera" (founder -International Disco DJ Record Centre) - 1977




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