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Marty Angelo and Charles W. Colson - 1983


"I've known Marty since I first met him in prison (1983). Shortly after that he came to work for us (1986), and I was able to watch with delight his growth in Christ. From the glittering lights of the music industry to a prison cell and back now to serving the Lord, Marty’s story offers hope to all of us. It’s a terrific testimony to God’s redeeming grace."

Charles W. Colson
founder, Prison Fellowship Ministries


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Marty Angelo and Charles W. Colson - 1986


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Frank Costantino and Marty Angelo - 1988


“I have found that as we are being conformed to the image of the firstborn Son, the taker has to die and the giver has to live. Marty Angelo is a giver and I commend his work to you.”

Bishop Frank Costantino
author, Holes in Time and founder of Christian Prison Ministries & Bridges of America


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Mickey Evans and Marty Angelo - 1985


“Over two million Americans are ‘doing time’ in jails and prisons. Most of them are doing it the hard way; one dreary day at a time. But some have ‘turned their lemons into lemonade and have redeemed the time’ by taking Bible Study courses and every educational opportunity afforded them to prepare themselves for a different lifestyle then the one that led to their incarceration. 

Marty Angelo is one of those men and Once Life Matters is the inspiring testimony of his exchanging drugs and alcohol for eternal life in Christ. He gave up his career in the rock and disco music business to become a "Good News" carrier to the people in jails and prisons. Marty and a small army of ex-cons share a passion to ‘comfort others with the comfort that they have been comforted of the Lord’.


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Marty Angelo and Mickey Evans - 1989


For fifty years I have had the privilege of being close friends with these very special breed of evangelists and I have accompanied them in prisons ‘where angels fear to tread’. They have read the Good Book that said, ‘I was in prison and ye visited me’. 

I was privileged to read the manuscript before it was published and my prayer when I finished it in one night was that it would be placed in the hands of every inmate in America to inspire them to follow Marty's example.”

Mickey Evans
founder, Dunklin Memorial Camp


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Monty Christensen and Marty Angelo - 2005


“Marty is a true servant of the Lord. His faithful ministry to the ‘least of these’ speaks volumes regarding his character. I am pleased to endorse his book and affirm the call of God upon his life to ‘go and make disciples.’ Your understanding of who God calls and uses to His glory will be expanded in these pages. Take a brief look through Marty's eyes into the future and more specifically into an expanding and ripe harvest field. Get ready for your assignment."

Monty Christensen
author, 70x7 and Beyond and founder of Prison Impact Ministries


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Rev. Garland "Pappy" Eastham and Pastor Dan Butler - 1990


“After wielding incredible success in America's music industry, Marty Angelo awakened and realized the emptiness in his soul. His resultant conversion to Jesus Christ effected personal transformation in which he discovered real power, prestige, and peace. Now detailed in this life-changing testimony, Once Life Matters stands as a must-read for all Christian believers everywhere.

For more than twenty years, I have walked alongside Marty Angelo, witnessed his life-transformation, felt his passion, and observed his committed life as a godly man of sterling Christian character. Indeed, his stature and grand successes in the American music industry pale in comparison to the giant that God molded, shaped, and made. To God be the glory for this glorious testimony and wonderful trophy of God’s grace.”

Dan Butler
pastor,  International Pentecostal Church, Bellflower, California


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Marty Angelo and Ron Sharp - 1989


“In my book Reflections through the Window I tell the story of my being a young boy living in the ‘50's. A teenager in the madness of the ‘60's and a casualty of the ‘70's. As with Marty in the ‘80's God began to put His plan together in our lives. Together we used our gifts in ministry with Prison Fellowship and have kept in touch these many years. I'm so excited to see his story of how God has worked in his life now in print. I know God will use it to bless many as they search for real freedom.”

Ron Sharp
author, Reflections through the Window and Reflections from Within


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Marty Angelo and Ron Sharp - Glen Helen - San Bernardino County Jail  - 2005.


Joanne Moeller, Aunt Rose LaManto, and Marty Angelo - 2005


“As Marty's sister, I was there to see God turn his life inside out, and upside down, in a miraculous way! I've shared his story with many people and I've seen the effectiveness of it in people's lives. Once Life Matters is gripping and inspirational and I know God will use it to win thousands of souls to Christ.”

Joanne Moeller
Marty's Sister



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